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Articles & Tips

This section is all about placing articles and items of which you can refer back to at any time. It is full of articles, some excerises,videos and general helpful information to help you on your journey with your horse.

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Horse Health Assessment Sheet

This sheet helps when you have a sick horse and your vet asks for certain vitals. Record your horse's vitals when they are healthy and when sign of being sick start to monitor it.


ECVM - Equine Complex Vertebral Malformation

You may of heard this referred to the C6/C7 malformation.

There is a lot of research going into this but I can tell you once you see you can't understand why it is not talked about more. Read one person's journey.

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Alternative Therapies to Vet Science

We all know for our own care that some doctor's don't acknowledge alternative medicine, well it is the same in the horse world. 

I have placed a list together with some of them just to explain in more detail what is out there and you can decide what is good for your horse.

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