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Frequently Asked Questions

Does massage work?

Depending on the reason you want your horse to be massaged will depend on the answer. What I can tell you is massage is a wonder, it is not just the muscle and skin that get the direct benefit but also all the other systems in the body which interlink with the workings of your horse. Very similar to a car when something in a car is damaged its flow on effect can lead to bigger things. By massaging your horse you stimulate the circulatory system which means that blood flow to the areas that need it providing much needed oxygen and nutrients to the body, the respiratory system as well as the skin and muscles.  Saying that it is not massage alone that will help on its own, you have to have the right tack, feed, exercise etc ; no use getting a massage for a horse who has issues due to ill-fitting saddle and continue to use that same saddle. I am happy to relieve the horse but it will be ongoing and will continue to happen.

The benefits are:

•    Strengthens and lengths muscle, tendons and ligaments

•   Increases flexibility

•  Achieves over all homeostasis or overall balance

•  Stimulates a lot of the body’s systems without you knowing it

•  Range of movement improves

•  Reduces the fatigue of muscles and helps to prevent injuries

•   Relaxing or Invigorating

What causes injuries?

There are lots of reasons why horses injury themselves and some cannot be helped but others can, either way massage helps to repair and rebuild the muscle, below is a list of why:
•   Overworked/used muscles
•   Not proper warm up or cool down or poor preparation
•    Ill-fitting tack
•    Accidents/trauma or blows
•    Over stretched/worked or extended muscles

How many treatments?

The expectation is one treatment is enough and that certainly can be true again depending on the reason you are having massage done. However majority of the time we believe it could be 2 – 3 treatments over a period of 10-15 days. The break in between allows the body to adjust to the treatment with all the new awakens that occurring and then readjust itself to the new feel , it is then we get the better assessment of what is going on and how far the treatment has come. There are treatments that we do which are like a car maintenance check which allows if you are in competition to keep your horse going with very little interruption to their training, these type of treatments keep the body maintained but any deeper concern will need further investigation and potentially time off, I will always be able to discuss those options with you.

What to expect from a treatment?


•    Do not worm your horse 5 days prior to the treatment

•    Advise me if your horse is on medication as this may prevent the treatment going ahead

•    Advise me if your horse maybe pregnant or any issues they may be experiencing

•    Please make sure your horse is relative clean and has no mud or dirt caked on, they do not need to be washed.

•    You have a safe area for your horse to stand or be tied up.

•    Any past issues your horse may of experienced.

On Arrival:

•    I will ask some questions and have a form that will need to be completed, you will need to be honest with any medication or other treatment that your horse may be getting.

•   You are welcome to stay and hold your horse whilst the treatment occurs or alternatively you can tie your horse up securely.

•     I will do a visual assessment how the horse stands, moves etc.

•      I will ask you to walk your horse away from me and then turn and come back and this may be asked several times. I am just assessing the gait and movement of the muscles.

During the Treatment:

•    If you are holding your horse I would ask that you stand on the same side that I am working on.

•     I will do an initial assessment which is normally fairly quick where I will feel to see the condition of the muscle but also check for any contradiction which will put a halt to the treatment. Contradictions are swelling, broken bones, open wounds or as directed by a vet.

•    I will then begin to work on the horse and do a variety of techniques. I encourage questions but may not be able to answer them till after the treatment.

•    During the treatment your horse may yawn, snort, chew, shift weight, and break wind which are all normal and actually a really good sign.

After the Treatment:

•    Happy to answer any questions and explain some of the findings with you

•    I can also recommend any further treatment with myself or another sector ie saddle fitter, vet

•    Your horse may show signs of yawning, thirsty, hungry, urinate or poo which is all normal. This means the systems have been stimulated. Your horse may also be tired which again is normal think about when you have a massage.

•   Depending on the treatment I may advise you that you cannot work your horse for 2-3 days allowing for the body adjustment and may give you some ground work with poles to do depending.

•    In a few days I will touch base with you to see how your horse has gone and any further questions you may have.

When can you not treat a horse/dog?

In some case a horse or dog can not be treated as this will either cause further complications or be painful to the client below are the common reasons:


-there is swelling/ a break/open wound (we can work around some wounds but that will need to be discussed)

- if your horse is pregnant, happy to do the mares after foaling I mean what mother would not want a massage!

- if you want a pre-competition massage and I have not treated your horse / dog before

- your horse has never been handled (we are good but not that good)

How long is a treatment?

 The initial treatment can take one and half hours to two  for horses or one hour for dogs and it really depends on what I find. I don’t charge per hour but per treatment.


Payments must be made on the day of the treatment.

Payments can be made via EFTPOS or direct debit (Must be paid in advance and in account prior to treatment)

What is the best way to book a treatment?

You can book several ways:

What is covered in your costs?

My cost cover:

*my expertise

*assessment both of gait, muscles and conformation in order to perform the massage and assist in balancing your animal

*treatment itself

*recommendations if required

*no time limit on treatment allowing the client to get the maximum benefit without time restrictions

Do you treat all over Gippsland?

Whilst I am based in the La Trobe Valley I do service most areas of Gippsland.  There maybe a travel cost componet to the treatment for those in remote areas but they will be advised at the time of booking.
Those common areas that I travel to are Leongatha, Warragul, Sale, Rosedale, Traralgon, Mirboo North, Longwarry, Maffra etc

Do you offer other treatments

Currently treatment can consist of massage, red light therapy or acupuncture or a combination depending on what your horse is presenting with.

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