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Horse treatments, horse care

Our Treatments & Services

Treatments and services for your Horse & Dog

Breton Equine Services offers:

  • Horse Massage Sports and Remedial Dog Massage (EMT & CMT)

  • Horse Red Light Therapy

  • Horse  & Dog Acupuncture 

  • Kinesiology Tape for horses



Breton Equine Services are committed to working with you and your horse for better horsemanship and a holistic approach to their health.


My sessions do not rely on just one type of treatment and often will be a combination of two or more depending on what your horse is experiencing and exhibiting.

You will also get a report so you can refer to it and some information on some of the follow up excerises.


Pricing for my services are based on your location and takes in to account travelling and time so there is no extra surprises when you book.

Horse Body work horse massage
Hprse massage acupuncture and red light therapy

Location                               Initial Treatment                   Follow up*

Latrobe                                 $ 90                                          $ 70

Baw Baw                               $100                                         $ 85

South Gippsland                 $100                                         $ 85

Bass Coast                            $110                                          $ 95

Wellington                            $120                                         $100

Cardina                                $120                                         $100

Consultation ONLY -             $50 (No treatment in this session)

Latrobe Valley, Baw Baw

and South Gippslany

Equine Reiki -                   $80

Rider Reiki -                      $80

Horse & Rider -                 $130

* The definination of follow up is that I have previously seen that horse and the treatment is in relation to what we are working on usually in a period of 1-5 weeks.

Our Maintanence Club - 468

This is for those who want to go that extra mile and make sure that the horse's body work becomes part of there regular maintanence just as a farrier and dentist does. 

Initially there is a $75 Deposit and then you are entitled to a discounted session at regular intervals depending on your horse's needs.

So the 4 week treatments happens as it says every 4 weeks for a total of 8 sessions.

6 weeks is a total of 5 sessions and 8 weeks is a total session of 4 spanding over 6 months.

Location                               Deposit #                  4 week ^          6 weeks ^       8 weeks ^

Latrobe                                  $ 75                            $ 60                 $75                  $85 


Baw Baw                                $75                            $ 60                 $75                  $85 


South Gipplsand                   $75                            $ 60                 $75                  $85 


Bass Coast                             $75                            $75                   $85                 $90 

# the deposit is refundable after the initial 6 months of treatment.

There are T&Cs so please read them.

^ this is the cost per session


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