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My Story

 I have always had a yearning as a little girl to heal animals so it made sense that I would venture into the magnificent world of the horse.

Completing my Diploma in Equine and Canine Myofunctional Therapy (EMT & CMT) has taken me on the most wonderful journey that is still continuing today. Horse massage is where it all began and now I have been able to expand into a great healing treatment.

 I have a natural thirst for knowledge and that has continued with me completing my Photonic therapy (Red Light) and currently undertaking Equine acupuncture and a few other things in the works!

My journey has lead me to be on the committee of SAENA Small Animal and Equine Naturopath Association) in 2019.

As well as be a member of Equine Therapies Association of Australia.


My aim is to:

"Bring the best of both rider, horse and dog so their time together is one of bonding."

I hope you join me on this journey.

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