Our Story

I am have a Diploma in Equine and Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Massage) and I was proudly on the committee of SAENA Small Animal and Equine Naturopath Association).

I am always seeking ways of improving what I do and increase the benefits to both horse and rider. I am currently studying Photonic Therapy (red light) which I will hopefully offer soon and also acupuncture. 

My aim is to:

"Bring the best of both rider, horse and dog so their time together is one of bonding."

I hope you join me on this journey.

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Meet our Clan


Linda Bolton-Breen

Owner and Equine /Canine Body Therapist.

Linda moved to Gippsland over 7 years ago. Linda has a Diploma in Equine and Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Remedial & Sports) which she obtained from the National College of Traditional Medicine. Linda was part of SAENA (Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association) on the committee in 2019. She is also a register member of ETAA (Equine Therapist Association of Australia)
Linda recently completed her Certificate in Photonic Therapy (Red Light Therapy) and is completing her Acupuncture course in 2021.

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Clydesdale X Quarab Mare

  Jiggy is my first own horse and who helped to start this crazy journey. Jiggy a Clydesdale X Quarab who has a wonderful nature. She has been broken in but still a little green.

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Willow was brought for $150 from the Pakenham sales. She has been a delight and her Grand Sire is none other than Danehill (if you know your racing you will know who he is). She has always got resting mare face but is a true sweetie and a wonderful ride.




Clover is a lovely appoloosa who has got some impressive breeding in her back ground. She is actually a friends but she has become an honorary member of our clan.




Dixie is a thoroughbred who we were given as the owners had bred 3 horse and were only going to go further with the other 2 so wanted a good home for her to go to. We felt very honored and blessed. She is an amazing horse who recently had our first mule foal Marguerite.




Olive is another thoroughbred who was given to me by a lovely friend after my soul horse Ozzie passed away suddenly of colic. Olive has help to mend my heart and is just an amazing soul/

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Quarter Horse

Jasper is a quarter horse who a friend let me look after. He has recently gone to another person home to get some good work for both of them.



Australian Donkey

Dante is our donkey who has been with us for 5 years and has just recently become the sire of our new mule. He is one in a million and we love him greatly. Breton Equine Services also does donkeys and mules.



Mule Molly

Lola is our mini molly mule and came to us to keep Dante company. She is a real showgirl and just a delight and was rescued from sale yards. Interesting fact that mules are born sterile!



Mule Molly

Margie as we call her was born on our farm on the 4th Nov 2019. Her Sire is Dante our donkey and her Dam is Dixie our Thoroughbred. We always set out to bred a mule and she was worth the wait. I am excited for her future

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Ozzie (Deceased)


Ozzie (Osvaldo) was my soul horse. He was entrusted to us from his owners after he retired from racing. He was once doted as a possible Melbourne Cup winner but  ended up going to Hong Kong and having a successful career. He passed away from Colic but  has inspired me to do all I can for horses



English pointer X Dalmatian

Tigger has been with us for nearly 8 years and came to us as a foster dog who had lots of trust issues. She was rescued from a puppy farm, of which she had already had 2 litters by the time she was two. Her original name was Tinka but she jumped like the character Tigger and it just stuck.



Australian Red Heeler X Border Collie

Bella started as another resuce dog who was chained up in the back yard after being brought for a friend for a new baby but she never went any where. This lady loves ball and to think she was chained up breaks my heart. She loves and plays hard.



Border Collie

Ruby is a sweet soul who gave her previous owners two litters and then they no longer wanted her. She came to us with such energy and yearning to fit in and she just makes our clan complete.


Cathy Bolton-Breen

Co-Owner and Support

Cathy has been a great support in getting Breton Equine Services off the ground. As co-owner she brings enthusiasm and support to the team. Stay tuned as she will also be offering some equine services in support soon.


Flutters - Sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge


We call him big red.  Flutters was a friends horse and when she went back to London she kindly in trusted me with him. He is a lovely cheeky gentleman who is a pleasure. He does have Cushing Syndrome and is on medication for it but has no real issues.