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This blog is full of my own opinion. Currently in this crazy world with the COVID19 ( I am sure in a few years time looking back I will go wow), it has been reported that shelters are going through the roof with adoptions.

Great huh? Well no not really and I find it very reckless of these organisations such as RSPCA to allow for these adoptions to go ahead. Yes it is fantastic that people are home to settle in their new family member but sometime in the near future life will continue and those people will head back to work and that new family member will be left at home alone something they are not used to. Maybe they will be fine but I guarantee the majority won't and then here comes the big dump. 

Having had a dog with separation issues it became clear that this is torture for both them and us. Blaze as a puppy went through 2 remotes, several books, one multi color feather duster (looked like a drag queen had died in the hallway) and through a plaster wall to the studs. I never give up on any animal but I was at a loss on this one. We tried behavioral things such as not going out with the work uniform on, not grabbing our keys just as we were heading out the door and nothing worked. It was lucky we literally stumbled over DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) which within a week changed our dog and we could eventually stop the DAP (its a room spray) and we could be normal.

Now not everyone will be as patient as we were, spend the money or research the time and effort so a lot of these "Buddies" will end back in a pound or worse stuck in uncaring home.

Please don't only think of yourself and don't think short term. These animals are for life.

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