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An Australian Myth

I don't normally like to comment on things that are political well not so publicly but I really feel the need to do this. 

The government is going to cull many of the wild brumbies we have roaming our great land. Once upon a time and yes think back to The Man from Snowy River times these horses were ideal for climate and conditions. It was a test of your wilderness if you could capture one, tame it and have the bond that a schooled bred horse had. However like everything they fell out of favor and became bigger than their legend with its all too hard to train, you can never take the wild out of them etc. Whilst for some that may be true but not all. 

I did not ride for 15 years or so and my first ride back was on a friend's brumby Toby who was just beautiful. He did not place a hoof wrong and it only wetted my appetite to get back in that saddle more often.

Every year we hear the protest from those who want racing banned or the coaches in the city banned and all in the name of horse welfare but I don't hear these same people crying out loud for these brumbies. So they see it as being humane to shoot a legend of the land out to extinction. I don't get it? All those fighting hard for these brumbies are horse people who get the impact of killing these magnificent creatures. #Victorianbrumbyassociation #save thebrumbies

Long live the Legend

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