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You can teach an old horse tricks!

I have always had a yearning to learn. Even as a kid I was the strange one who loved documentaries, don’t get me wrong I also loved cartoons but learning about animals, places and people was always my thing.

Nothing changes and I am still wanting to learn and improve. I have just recently completed my photonic course of which I am about to submit my case studies and cannot wait to be able to offer this treatment on its own or combined with the massage.

I have from the start of February studying Acupuncture for horses, dog and cats which will take a year to complete and will be offering hopefully in the later part of the year.

The things is things evolve and change and more and more people in the animal world are looking at combining both traditional medicine along with the scientific medicine. Both have a part to play.

I find that the 3 modalities that I have chosen to offer complement each other in a very unique way. You see you can manipulate a bone back into place but unless you treat the muscles, blood & energy flow (Qi) and the natural body’s ability to heal those bones can keep on slipping. Take away the skin, the muscle, the tendons and ligaments and you have a bag of bones!

Whatever or however you decided what is best for your horse, never stop researching as those in this industry once were very closed minded. We can learn from the past and the future will always be bright.

So never stop growing or learning you never know what you might discover.

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