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To treat or not to treat - that is the Question?

Since commencing in both red light therapy (photonic) and acupuncture I get a lot of people and other practitioners ask,” can you do those treatments, I thought only vets could?”

The answer to that question and something owners should know is: it depends on your state that you live in and treat in.

I know in some states like Western Australia & NSW there are restrictions in doing these treatments but as I am in Victoria and only treating in Victoria I can only advise on that state.

In Victoria we are able to practice:

* Photonic Therapy

* Acupuncture

* Laser treatment class 2 & 3 (I don’t do this)

As body workers we do not diagnose but treat what we find and refer when we cannot be sure it is not a veterinarian realm. I can tell you want the body is showing and what feels wrong with muscles as well as observations.

Things that DO STOP me from treating are more about contradictions which if I proceed could mean more harm than good such as:

* untreated/healed fractures

* Pregnancy – whilst some do treat up to a certain term I prefer not to do it and let nature take its course. Certainly once a foal is born mum and baby can have a treatment

* Neurological disease – as the treatments can stimulate the nerves system this can inflame the disease and symptoms

* Horses on Steroids for acupuncture as it counteracts the treatment

* For massage a horse which has a wet coat as the motions can cause a potential skin burn.

* Medicated horse – I would need to know what medications and seek your vet’s approval

* Cancer present – for massage, unless in a palliative care state which will give some relief

I also would advise that you check that your practitioner has:

*completed the right courses and not an over the weekend treat your own horse course

* is constantly updating their knowledge

* is insured and associated with an organisation which supports their treatments.

So long story short yes I can, I have done the right certificates/diplomas, have my insurance and keep my knowledge up.

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