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When do you say enough is enough and have to let your horse gain its wings.

I wish I had a concrete answer for you but the truth is I don’t. I don’t as an Equine Body worker or as a horse owner. I believe that if you truly know your horse you will know in your heart and head. There is no checklist because that would make it way too easy. A vet is the only one that can give you that diagnosis but even then I employ you to look into the soul of your horse and get another opinion if need be.

Recently I have had two horses who were my clients where their owners went above and beyond trying to find an answer to a cure that may not be there or to the sad reality of old age. Two I was involved with directly and the third watched from a distance.

What I know is that they all had in common that they dearly loved their horses and would have done anything in order for them to be saved. Some worked with traditional medicine alongside non traditional medicine and in all cases it was not easy to come to the conclusion it was their time. They left no stone unturned and knew in their hearts that the time had come the journey was over. Their love for their horse in the end won and the kindest thing was to let them grow their wings.

I believe your horse will tell you when enough is enough. For me as a born healer who always wants to fix things it makes it hard, I go out to heal your horse and make your journey continue. I have to also accept this is not always the case. I have to know it is not my journey and stand back.

I was asked recently to massage an old horse who did not have long on this earth, this was a huge privilege to be entrusted with this amazing soul, a horse who had been such a huge part of the family. This meant so much to me. I offered when the time came I would be privileged and honored to give the last massage as they headed into their next journey. Unfortunately this did not happen but it is a service I offer. They give so much. How could I not give back to them and their wonderful owners.

In memory of Taylor, Boomer and Cobbler.

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