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Shit Happens and when you least expect it!

How often do I hear oh my horse is so quiet, nothing worries them.. I have exposed them to everything, I mean you can crack a wipe on his back and he does not blink, my 2 year old can sit on them and squeals and nothing happens.

Well shit does happen even to those horses and this is a great example.

This boy is so quiet, has never had an issue with noises and his paddock is on a road so trucks, bikes, cars etc are not an issue…….. REWIND some bikes are not an issue but this one bike that sounded like a mosquito on steroids did bother this boy.

So frightened by it he has kicked at the gate and let me tell you it was an even contest as the gate and the horse where both worse for wear. Thankful there was not worse damage to the horse but it is bad enough that the swelling and wounds are causing discomfort and

he has been well looked after with cold wash down on the lower legs, white cream and then a special mixture of tough rock and another cooling ad to get some of that swelling down.

I came to see him and did acupuncture on the open wounds to help promote healing, fresh blood and skin regeneration. I massaged his hinds, shoulders and abdominal which all would have been effected. When he walked you could see the pain face where you see all the signs of pain.

A day passed and whilst still sore he has improved, why?

  • Quick action to get infection and swelling under control

  • Blood flow stimulation

  • Allowed to walk his paddock which has slopes therefore working the muscles not ceasing up

  • Continue to do short gentle work again to stiffen up.

Sounds simple but that is what it is. Remember back to when you last fell over and scraped your knee (for some of us it was sooner rather than later) but it does go stiff, adrenaline sets in, you ache, your body goes I know if I move its going to hurt so I won't some sort of self preservation. Horses are the same.

So shit happens but it is what you do next that will make the difference.

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