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To Doggy Park or to Not Doggy Park, that's the question

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This has become the new trend here for our municipalities in Australia, however a lot of countries overseas have had open public dog friendly parks, hotels and restaurants. Sadly we are a little behind with our four legged friend.

These parks on the face value are great social and exercise outing for our dogs but what we are seeing with this new found freedom is an increase in injuries to our dogs including muscle strains as well as wounds etc. As it has not been the norm in our community to have our dogs as part of our daily lives, our dogs are not conditioned to such events as being in a pack situation.

We too as owners are opened up to new experience and etiquette in the doggy park. Not all dogs are social or are only social to their pack, some dogs like bigger dogs and some dogs like brown dogs only, we need to be aware that not all dogs are equal.

Due to our dogs not being conditioned to social interaction with our dogs they are often like a wind up spring that when released in the park has only one speed and motion – FAST and FORWARD. This is where the injuries occurs which are accidents. Pulled muscles, grazes, tumbles and more exercise than they have ever had. So what can we do?

What I noticed being overseas last year is so many dogs interacting out in the community without basically blinking an eyelid to other dogs, squirrels, cars or people. They have been so conditioned and exposed to this type of life that it is their norm and their owners norm, so sitting at a café with your dog beside you not reacting to other stimulation is life.  Hopefully in time as we become more interactive with our pooches and they blend the same way they do overseas and we will see less of these injuries happening.

In the meantime

* expose your dog to as much stimulation as they can handle without placing them in a frightening predicament and at slow stages

* Know your dog’s limits and triggers, work with a professional if need be to see if they can be desensitize to their trigger (Some can’t due to bad experience such as humans, I have had a beautiful dog who could not like any other dogs but her own pack. Doggy parks where not for us)

*If your dogs is injured seek assistance , vet, massage therapist, Bowen therapist etc.

* most of all love your dog and enjoy their company no matter where you are , as long as you are together

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