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How Professional?

I am just about to endeavor on more training which is one of my values for my business so I can continue treating horse in the best possible way. My new adventure is in photonic therapy and is at least a 12 month certificate but does have a practical element which of course has been effected by the current environment.

What I have learned from going out and speaking to a variety of places is we never question the people we have come and work on our horses or dogs or those say at a produce store what their qualification is to give us advice on what to feed our horses and dogs. Most of them have had no training, scary huh? I was in a produce store buying regular feed when I heard a lady at her wits end on feeding a thoroughbred which just come off the track. This lady left with 7 different feeds including a on the track feed because she was naming off everything someone had told her and to be honest the store person allowed her to walk out with the feed as it was money in his pocket. I did try and intervene as I could not help myself and advised her that changing feed should be a slow process over 6 weeks a full blood cycle for a horse.

I studied my Diploma of Equine and Canine Myofunctional therapy for 2 years in total in order to make sure I was prepared to work on your precious friend. It is not just about rubbing over muscles although that is what it may look like, it is way more than that. It is know what you are doing can influence so much of dog and horses other systems which are stimulated and linked to what you are doing. It is also about when not to do the treatment no matter how much the owner is begging.

By choosing the course wisely it also allows me to join an association and get insurance. It is a valuable question to ask of your treatment therapist are they with an association or insured. There are lots of courses you can do which will allow you to treat your own horse and usually they are a couple of weekends not a long term study. I do know of a few people practicing out there who have done this short course and would not get covered by an association or insured. Think about who you have treating your four legged friend.

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