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Healing Hooves

I don’t mind saying that I was diagnosed with high anxiety approximately 5 years ago. I wanted to shut out the world and just be in complete darkness.

I had anxiety way before that but I thought I was a nervous wreck, a worrier and lacked confidence but as time went on it started to impede on my life. I had brought a wonderful horse who was going to be my riding companion and she was a big Clydie X who was just 2 years old and already almost 16hh. She was X with Quarab which meant she could have a little fizz in her. We started do some ground work with her with a trainer and worked on her other days but I found myself not being able to even go into the paddock to get her. She tested me at every stage and I must admit I buckled at times. But at times we flew, like our first show. She did wonderful even though I didn’t take her in the ring just being there and getting her prep was a big mountain.

Not long after we moved to the country so I could be with horses 24/7, I flounder and broke down. One of the greatest gifts I got during this time was not only my partner now wife but my horses. I was able to go out and brush them, just talking to them focusing on something other than myself and they quickly learnt to remind me to be present in the moment. There was benefits for both of us as I got therapy and they got skin/coat stimulation.

It’s funny but they do truly know when you are in need and I am not sure how but the other day I had a bad day and went out into the paddock and not long after I entered I was surrounded by my horses/donkeys/mules and the almost gathered around as a protection thing. I felt safe and just that turned my out look around.

Never under estimate the healing of animals they sense things we can’t.

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