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Healing Hands

I decided to work with horses and dogs because I wanted to heal them, make them better.

All my study has been towards that but on a recent course I had a revelation that you can not always make them better. Sometimes mother nature is cruel, and she has dished out preconceived issues you have no control over.

We as body workers are not there to diagnose, as harsh as it sounds it is the truth. Only a Vet can do that and to be honest it is same for most of the providers. We are all extremely component in our field, but it is only a vet who can do those diagnoses. We can say what we think and what we feel, see, and observe and then recommend.

This hit home just recently when our beautiful Bella Red Heeler X was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her left foreleg. She had been lame for a few days but always played ball hard with no regrets but when she was not healing after a day or two I looked for inflammation but there was none, no heat, no real pain and my heart sank.

We had been through this once before with another red heeler before I had done my Canine Myofunctional Therapy. I knew the signs but still with a heavy heart went to the vets to get it confirmed. She also had the secondary spread to the lungs.

She is now on pain killers, had some acupuncture and is monitored by the vets monthly. Nothing more we can do but when the signs show again we will have to make that decision. She still has a zest for life, eating, walking and would love to play ball although we can not as it places too much pressure on that leg.

Not long ago a friend tagged me in a post of which a horse has suddenly changed and I felt the symptoms was leading to the ECVM. This poor lady was getting all this advice about being ripped off with the horse, she didn’t know etc etc. I sent her a message explained what it sounded like and what she needed to do to get it confirmed. She was happy to track her horse to me but I explained that I could not treat it if it had ECVM. I will say she had another massage therapist constantly seeing her horse with no success. I explained if it was me after a few sessions with no success I would be seeking a vet’s advice.

In short, we will do all what we can, and I am happy to put my hand up to say this is not working lets rule out something else. The body both human and animal is a mysterious complex machine that we are only starting to understand.

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