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I have recently had someone ask me about the electric massage machines that go over a horse and what do I think of them. So I thought I would lay down my thoughts and opinions.

I am very much for a mixture of different applications and I believe each has benefits and drawbacks no matter what but if I had to put them in my order it would:

1. Traditional massage with hands

2. Massage using a mobile apparatus (massage/kneading gun)

3. Full automated machine/blanket

Let me explain this a bit more. I like the traditional massage the best as it's tactile and you feel the issues, the muscles, the skin, the fascia and you get the live reaction from the patient and you can pinpoint the problem area. It brings a connection and its a connection that has great value in awakening the nervous system and also the other systems of the body. It can be tailored to the shape, the texture, pressure can be adjusted to what is needed.

The second modality that I like is the massage apparatus like a kneading/massage guns which allows you to still do the tactile touch and assessment but then you can utilize the apparatus to get into those tough places that can some time test your hand and pressure.

The least I like happens to be the automated machine only because the limitation in tailoring the treatment to suit the issue. I liken it to whether I want to go get a massage hands on or sit in one of those chairs that it’s a bit hit or miss if it hits the spot. I have become very sore from one of those chairs you sit on to get a massage just because it was not molded or adapted to me. The other thing is you have to have a horse who will accept a saddle which for some people who have a broodmare or young horse is not possible so you also have that limitation. I know a lot of large horse industries tend to prefer them and I can understand due to the fact it would be cheaper, and quicker for them.

In my mind the chemical interaction that happens when you can specifically target a tailor made massage cannot be dismissed. We are all not the same and a good massage therapist can adjust where need be. The moral really is see what works for you it maybe a combination of the above or one over the other for various reasons.

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