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Everything has energy whether you can feel it or see it in motion it is there. Think of a bomb vs a rain drop they both make ripples but different sizes and consequences due to the force of energy.

Horses read energy far better than us, every now and again we will feel a spark when we meet someone or warning signs but horses are assessing and reassigning the energy all the time.

Whether we are riding, feeding, working on, grooming a horse we need to check the energy we are sending out. In a herd environment the alpha horse will use energy/motion to signal danger or concern and allow the herd to feel safe or on alert.

That is why you should not work with your horse if you are in a bad mood because they will sense it no matter how well you try to hide it and ultimately it will end in tears.

You would be surprise how many times I have heard when treating a horse, "wow they are so calm" and yes the massage assists in the relaxing process but mostly it is to the fact I keep my energy low and non-confronting. I have no pre conceived notion of what these horses are like so I don’t portray anything on them and I ask them to be in the moment with me. Yes sounds all airy fairy but it is more to do with getting them to feel comfortable. If you think about it, the horse is often meeting me for the first time and they are in pain, I then want to place my hands on them and push and move their muscles- confronting?

So how do I

get my energy low – breathing, clearing my mind so no matter I am open and ready to hear what the horse’s body is telling me. Horse’s can hear your heartbeat from 1.5 metres away and they need to because they need to know if you present as a concern.

Now that does not mean that I don’t get scared or weary because I would be silly not to think that it won’t happen but strangely enough with me placing my hands on the horse to work, not only am I connecting with the nervous system and awaken it but I am also getting readings back from his muscles so I can often feel the twitch before a leg moves. Similarly I often ask owners to let their horses have their head when working on them because there movement can tell me so much about what I am feeling and what they are experiencing.

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