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Easter Shock!

We are coming up to another celebration where we over indulge in chocolate and lollies and all other goodies.

However unlike Christmas there are not a lot of warnings about the dangers of Easter treats on our beloved family members. I am not talking about our waistlines but our four legged family members.

We so much try to humanize our dogs, cats and horses but the truth being we can’t. It is like the great debate of rug or not to rug, just cause I am freezing does not mean my horse will be cold. Now that is not to say some don’t but that is a whole different blog for another day.

Reality is the commercialisation of our pets can also present us with some dangers. How can a dog tell what is a dog friendly carob button vs a human 70% chocolate button. They can’t so the only way we can stop the chances of them being sick or worse dying is to not provide them with it. Those of us with young children need to educate them on the fact that they can not have the same treats as we do. Be up front and honest because dealing with your child when your beloved pet is sick is going to be harder.

So what happens, dogs and horses can not metabolize the chemical found in chocolate called theobromine which has the same effect as caffeine. Theobromine is a diuretic, heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator and a smooth muscle relaxant (if you saw my post about the muscle types you would know a smooth muscle is one that is internal and related to the organs). Whilst for dogs death is rare it can cause serious illness and a huge vet bill. For horses, they can not vomit so the toxin remains in their system for a long period and can kill your horse.

So this Easter go for a health and animal relevant treat:

Horses- carrots, apples (remove pips if giving lots)

Dogs - bone (A big fresh bone allows them to use their hunting instinct of tearing and chewing), liver treats, or better still a family walk.

Have a safe and Happy Easter.

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