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Do they really know what is good for your horse?

The horse industry is a multi-million dollar industry and we as owners spend lots of money on our horse’s looks, health, tack and environment without blinking an eye. We flock to shops where we put our faith in those there and their knowledge and believe they have the same values of our horses as we do. We all think we have the perfect horse and you know what we are not wrong!

However I did question the knowledge and care when I went into a produce shop which was not local but in the area I services for my therapy and had been there before to buy feed. I was walking in with my business cards to leave there as an added service to their clients who may need help for their equines. I walked in and smiled, the two men who were there looked at me, one was an older gentleman who was hand sewing a bag of chook food which had obviously come undone and the other was scouting around one the shelves.

“Hello love what can I do for you?” said the older gentleman. I started my pitch with, “I would like to leave this business cards if I may, I am an Equine Massage Therapist…” and before I could say any more the reaction I got was confronting. There was a rolling of the eyes from both and the verbal response back was “You have got to be kidding!”

I was taken a back at this responses as this was the first of its kind for me. The old gentleman straighten up and when he did I gathered myself and decided to walk out. “Thank you that’s fine I said” and took my first step down the stairs.

“Ahh come on don’t be like that, what do you want? I am only joking.” The old gentleman called out.

“Sorry if you are going to be like that I don’t want my business associated with you.” I replied and held my head high and walked out.

It was only once I got back in the car that I then went WOW, do they really care about their client’s animals? How do I know they would refer? How do I know they really know about the overall health of my horse? I was extremely proud that I could of settled for their antics and left my cards but I pride myself on my knowledge and service and that I want to help those and their horses in overall health.

So next time you go to get your feed think about the service you get, are they there for all the right reasons.

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