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Do I get a discount?

Can I get a discount? I don’t think I can afford that and my horse needs attention? Without being rude I have to say, I am sorry my price is my price. I spent some time studying, getting tested and going on practical assignments in order to bring my best and knowledge to your horse.

There has been on the odd occasion when I have done a quick follow up and not really needed have a discounted the price but never before I have worked on the horse. I can’t tell until my hands start feeling what is happening underneath the fascia and muscles. Whilst my main aim for doing work like this is to assist horses and their riders there is a practical component to it and sometimes it is the elephant in the room.

I appreciate all that my customers bring to me and expanding my knowledge but you would not have a vet come out and then say I can’t afford it or because I know you can you please give me a discount. Thank god none of my friends have that attitude and see how hard I work to gather the knowledge and the passion I have in order to treat their horses and others.

Please understand I am not being rude but I know I am worth every penny.

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