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Are you listening?

I have just recently had to make a decision to suspend all treatments whilst I recover from some big surgery.

It was not an easy decision as you may think given I have some regular treatments that I had to delay and I hate to let anyone down but I had to look after myself. It took a deep breath and a large exhale to come to the conclusion that I had to rest and had to recover or else I was going to be no good for anyone.

My thought process prior to the surgery was that I would give it a week and be back and then it was two weeks and after the surgery I was like 4 weeks and I will be back. Sure I could do Farm World which I loved so much last year and this year it was bigger and better. Yeah I could do it , all I had to do was sit and chat with people. I had friends who could set it up and do the heavy lifting. I had it all planned cause I didn’t want to let anyone down.

THEN…. A day on from surgery it is time for me to get out of the hospital bed and I faint. Wake up with everyone around me looking at me. Wow - that was weird and so it was decided for me to just rest and we would try again in the afternoon. So afternoon comes and I try to go to the bathroom and bang I am out to the count again???? What is happening. Then there was a rush and bloods were called for and I had two transfusions, yes two.

Well that was that then, my body had made the call and I had no choice, I had to come to the decision that I was to rest and take that time. It is the same for us and our beloved horses, sometimes it is not about the ribbon if the horse is not right, that ribbon is not worth your horse’s health. Sometimes you need to make that call early and that way you don’t get to that point when your body goes - I told you NO!

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