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A sheep in wolf's clothing .....

There are a lot of preconceived notions out there regarding breeds both in the horse and dog world.

I was always told a chestnut horse was crazy and yet I met and fell in love with both Flutters and Jasper. Yes quirky but not crazy. Same goes for mares vs gelding? Chihuahuas are a big dog in a little dog’s body.

I never really thought too much about this until we got Louie our Catahoula X Great Dane who at the age of 6 months is bigger than our English Short Hair pointer X. When we walk down the street there are so many people who are fascinated by him and yet there are just as many who think he is vicious.

He does have a habit of barking but you know what he is a dog and last I checked that is what a dog does. I know his bark is worse than his bite (and for the record he has never bitten or hurt a thing and he plays with our foal and kittens).

However, that media perception has made us think dogs who barks and are large in size, are by nature aggressive.

I have lived my life proving that the stereotype is not real. I love my horses yet I am not one to look at you would think she is a horse person and there is nothing wrong looking like a horse person but we are all individuals and by that nature alone we should treat each and everyone as that.

I have found nothing more true than in my work. You can not say that a horse who is lame as one issue or another, you go in wide eyed and open to whatever you find and leave all the known aspects at the door. Otherwise you then fall into the assumption faze and that makes an ass out of me and you.

I think we have lost the art of being able to read the body language, and think for ourselves as to what we are presented with to the actions and reactions.

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