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9 to 5

No not the Dolly song but this is the way a lot of practitioners for support for our pets are going. Not sure if this allows them to charge more to come “out of hours” or if it is to do with a bigger picture of lifestyle balance which I am all for.

The thing is pets can’t tell the time so they can injure themselves conveniently or know what time we work to and from. Just recently my horse had a nasty accident and had torn his extensor ligament (one of two) and this happened late on Sunday.

I am lucky that I can jump into first aid mode and be able to stabilize his wounds until it reaches 8.30am when vets are back on board. Even then when I rang I was given a run around that they were busy, COVID etc etc but when I offered to pay a large lump sum upfront they suddenly found the time to come out.

Don’t get me wrong they are awesome vets but when did it come down to being sick in the right time and linked with money. I don’t know many people who have money set aside, especially something as extensive as what horse people deal with. I then asked whether I would be able to pay a regular amount to maintain an account with a credit for something like this and was told no we don’t do accounts? Great what now? We try desperately to fit things into boxes and yet it doesn’t work.

As a body equine therapist I am lucky I don’t normally get those super urgent cases (remember as an equine body therapist we can not diagnose but we are there for prevention, maintenance and rehabilitation) and I try to be as flexible for appointments as possible. I am happy to come on weekends at no extra charge, afternoon or early mornings because as a horse owner I understand we have to work to pay for our love and when you add children, extended family and COVID then it is a minefield. Most companies are sympathetic to people taking their children to doctors appointments etc but asking to take time off for your horse so they can have a vet or farrier visit does not get the same sympathy- just get them to come out after hours???? I rest my case!

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