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Breton Equine Services

Horse & Dog Body Work

Our Story

I am committed to working with your horse and you to gain the best possible outcomes holistically.


And how can I do that, I use a variety of modalities in a session including:

  • Massage (Myofunctional) Sports and remedial - Diploma

  • Red light therapy (Photonic) - Certificate

  • Acupuncture  - Diploma

  • Kinesiology taping. – Certificate


What can I assist with:

  • Better comfort for your horse

  • Fun riding for you both

  • Better range of movement (ROM)

  • Speed up recovery from injuries, strains and general soreness

  • Assist a horse that may have anxiety

  • Overall balance of the body systems

We also have introduced a new maintanence regular progame which is our Club 468, which has a lot of cost savings but also allows body work to be come part of your horse's journey and not just for injuries.


I am also a member of ETAA (Equine Therapists Association of Australia) and SAENA (Small animal & Equine Naturopath Association) and on the committee of Neerim District Pony Club.

The most important thing is I am a horse owner just like you so I get it.

Love Linda xoxo

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Pricing - Services

At Breton Equine we offer a number of services and techniques for your horse

Reviews & Feedback


Linda is brilliant with my beautiful girl Phoenix🐎
After treating my girl, my horse was super happy, more relaxed and I could tell she felt great. Thanks heaps for making my horse well and happy 💗

Kelly & Phoenix - Yinnar South

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